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Hey guys, first off Happy New Year for everyone hopefully 2017 doesn't go on a killing spree and Donald Trump proves people wrong on being a good president.

Now unto, DRB, the premiere is finally out as you can see, I'm gonna try to release 2-3 Battles monthly. The Progress is going incredibly well though, Ronald VS Richard is done and the audio for Ramona VS White was completed today, which contains two major achievements, my first female rapper and using people I know outside the internet (Told you I had friends XP). Part 2 is coming along slowly with the writing and should be coming soon, but for now, here's some hints for the next 5 battles

1st Battle - Something Grim is going on within these duo set of rappers
2nd Battle - I asked one about the battle coming up against a certain Tramp, That Old Bean was silent about it
3rd Battle - What happens when an Anime Legend goes up against an Animated Film Legend
4th Battle - Both these rappers insisted that I flipped a coin to see who goes first (Dramatic Much?)
5th Battle - A Huge Battle with some possible guests, some say Royales aren't a game, but this one certainly is

Anyways unto my real life, well Fresh TV FINALLY released the winners for the Total Drama Cosplay Contest months ago (You may have seen my entry with my Chris McClean pic), well I didn't win, but I wanna give a HUGE congrats to those that did, they get some autographed copy of the first TDI episodes, which is fucking awesome. Speaking of Total Drama, this year is it's 10 Year Anniversary, i'm feeling old, but to celebrate this wonderful series, I'm thinking about doing a Total Drama Series Review, Top 10 Characters, or whatever ideas I can come up to celebrate.

Finally, I conclude with another thing going on in my actual life that you might laugh at, so my Choir Concert is planning on doing a musical in March. What Musical you may ask, well it's High School Musical, a Disney series I was mostly "eh" on but as a huge fan of Theater/Musical, I auditioned and got the role of Zeke Baylor, A Jock who wants to Bake, loves sharpay, and was black in the movie, talk about a Reverse Michael Jackson on me here lol.

Until next time people this has been your pal

-Dragonsblood23 (ahhhh yeah Dragon Rap Battles)

  • Listening to: Simon & Garfunkel, High School Musical Tracks
  • Reading: Hack/Slash and Batman Comics
  • Watching: Billy & Mandy, No Country For Old Men, Game Shows
  • Playing: South Park: The Stick of Truth
  • Eating: Popcorn
  • Drinking: Pibb Xtra
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