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AVAST FELLOW PEOPLE TIS BE DRAGON! Okay enough with the pirate talk just wanted to update you guys on my life and such.

As you may have notice, I have gained over 100 subscribers and I want to thank a ton of people for being dedicated to my series on YouTube for that. I also made some vids on my Chicago Trip (Might throw in some photos here for that) along with a new vlog series about me and my classmates called Stupidity At It's Finest (The Title Says It All).

Aside from the vlogs, the battles from Season 5B are all written and soon to be recorded (with some guests of course). Now i'm finally on the final part of my Season 5 which is 5C, here are some hints for that battle.

1st Battle - I know Musicals don't always have to take 100% logic which is fine BUUUUUUUT these two girls take it far when it comes to what they want and what they have.
2nd Battle - We're about to go ape here with these powerful minds (Warren would be proud)
3rd Battle - Greatest Battle on Earth or Greatest Battle viewed on Earth from The Moon??? 
Season Finale - 5 V. 1 for the battle of power, space, mind, soul, time, and reality (PP: OH I'M IN THIS ON-) Shut Up You Four-Legged Being! We don't wanna spoil it or who you are (PP: Oh Okay Then LOL)

Ugh anyways aside from that, my HSM performance at school is doing fine and i'll leave you with a link to my new vlog series.

Until Next Time people this has been your pal....

-Dragonsblood23 (Ahhh Yeah Dragon Rap Battles)

  • Listening to: Weird Al Yankovic, High School Musical Tracks
  • Reading: Marvel Comics
  • Watching: Donnie Darko, Moon Landing, ST: TNG, UrineTown
  • Playing: Life Is Strange
  • Eating: Pizza
  • Drinking: Dr. Pepper
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